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Joshua Gilless

Something wild happened last year. I was approached by a recruiter!

“Oh, no!”, you say with mock surprise. Software engineers are approached by somewhere between one and please stop recruiters every day. This recruiter was different, she was from Google.

I’d long wondered if I was good enough to work at a place like Google. At the same time, I was so happy at Clique. I’m sad to leave the people I worked with, it’s an incredible team and it would have been so easy to stay. I learned so much from everyone I worked with, and am thankful for everyone that I worked with over the five years I was there.

Long story short, I did some practice problems, studied up on some basics, and went to some interviews. I met with some teams and found one that I liked that liked me back.

So, I accepted the offer back in January, stopped working at Clique mid February and officially started at Google as a SWE on March 9th. I’m so incredibly excited about this opportunity.

It’s been a while since I had some solid impostor syndrome for work, I’m so excited start that up again!

I’m a Noogler!